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Inspired by the success of Sacred and in keeping its genuine mission of protecting our precious little ones from the harmful ingredients and irritating chemicals, Sacred+ is born.

Today, our little ones face the constant challenge of being exposed to the various aggressors such as bacteria, heat, pollution, and the complicated smoothing ingredients of the products usually used on them. Now, you can continue keeping their bath simple and safe even beyond six months!

At an early age, proper skin hydration and nourishment is a crucial step to have strong and healthy skin. Which is why we are extremely glad to introduce to you our latest development, Sacred+, the simplest hydrating cleanser lovingly made for seven months up to thirty-six months.

It is made with an all natural plant-based ingredient that is identical to the carbohydrate complex of the human skin which binds moisture in a natural way. Therefore, it delivers deep hydration and sustained moisturisation for up to seventy-two hours making the skin nourished and healthy from the inside out.


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