Nappi Bamboo Muslin Squares 2/30″ Baby Blue


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Love in a bamboo’s touch.
A versatile super soft muslin squares that’s great for burping, swaddling, nursing, cuddling, toweling and much more.

Made with Bamboo 70%, Organic Cotton 30%

Size: 30″x30″
Pack 2 pcs

Super soft
No dye. No bleach. No fluorescence
Non-toxic (Free of Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Heavy Metals)
Very breathable & high absorbency

Wash & Care Instruction:

No hot water, No machine dry, No bleach, No fabric softener.
Gently hand wash or machine wash in laundry bag w/ delicate setting using gentle detergent
Wash in cold or room temperature water. If needed, iron with lowest heat setting.

Drying w/ machine or washing w/ hot water can cause fabric shrinkage and damage. If needed, make sure both heat and tumbling are set down to their lowest setting with less than 30 Celsius


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