Mamajoo PP Feeding Bottles 150ml Twin Pack


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Product Features:

We consider babies’ health on the foreground at production of Mamajoo products at our ISO 9001 certified high technology manufacturing facility by using highest quality BPA Free raw materials that conforms to EU standards.

Mamajoo Baby Feeding Bottles are made of (%0 BPA) Bisphenol-A free PES (PolyEtherSulfone) and PP (PolyPropylene) raw materials. PES and PP do not decompose easily into their molecules even at high temperatures and do not contain BPA that is not suitable for your baby’s health. PES and PP are the permitted raw materials to produce baby feeding bottles in EU, USA and Turkey.

Mamajoo baby feeding bottles are designed with wide neck to make it easier to fill and to clean. Its’ wide base provides better balance to prevent falling down easily while the grab curves on the body of Mamajoo Feeding Bottles encourage tiny hands to hold easily. The leak-proof bottle dome cap is especially designed to seal Mamajoo Bottle Teats when not in use or travelling. With the scale marks both in ml and oz on Mamajoo Bottles, you can be sure how much you feed your baby.

Product Advantages;

BPA- free, safe, reliable and healthy Mamajoo Baby Feeding Bottle and Bottle Teat is the ideal feeding product next to the breastfeeding with both it’s ergonomic design and anti-colic valve system.
The anti-colic air valves at the skirts of Mamajoo Bottle Teats are helpful to prevent babies swallowing air during bottle feeding.
The flexible helix that stretches as nipple and the soft top on Mamajoo wide Bottle Teat are designed to give your baby a feeling as close as possible to the natural breastfeeding.
Mamajoo Bottle Teats are produced from transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone. They are ideally soft for each relevant month groups, smooth and easy to clean.
The ergonomic hold & grab curves encourage your baby’s learning skills and make it easier to hold.
Wide neck of Mamajoo Feeding Bottle makes it easier to fill and to clean.
Wide base provides better balance and prevents falling down easily.
The leak-proof bottle dome cap is especially designed to seal Mamajoo Bottle Teats

Cleaning & Sterilization:

Can be washed in dishwashers and can be sterilized with Mamajoo sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes. Mamajoo PES Bottles can be sterilizsed in hospital autoclave sterilizers too.


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