Children’s Book – The “Small” Big Book of Dogs 8+


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Author: Ransom Rogers
Illustrator: Ransom Rogers
Language: English
Target Readers: Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-971-625-373-3

Have you ever wanted to have your own furry friend? Or, maybe you just want some help learning to take care of one? The (Small) Big Book of Dogs is here to help! Ransom Rogers (That’s me!) will be your companion throughout this book as you learn to understand the intricacies and rewards of owning and taking care of a dog. You will learn how to feed, train, play with, and enjoy a lifetime of friendship with one of the most loyal and proud creatures on earth. Whoever you are, whether a student or a grown-up, you can learn to take care of your very own dog with this book’s help. Together, you and your dog will live a good, fulfi lling life full of fun, adventure and happiness. Good luck!
Ransom Rogers – Author and Illustrator
Ransom Rogers is an enigmatic fellow: a lover of dogs, games, and chicken nuggets. He is known to take life a lot less seriously than most other people, often seen stargazing at three in the afternoon by the local park. Take care when approaching Ransom, as he frightens easily. An o ering of orange juice is advised. Ransom writes and draws a multitude of di erent things, from the comics you buy in the bookstore to the cartoons you see on the afternoon lineup. However, he uses many names and many faces for each of these, suitably to match the seriousness or the wackiness that is required to do his work. But he mostly keeps them to scare away the mole rats that keep hanging out on his favorite park bench.


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