Children’s Book – The Legend of the Cagayan River 5+


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Author: Anna Liza M. Gaspar
Illustrator: Glendford Lumbao
Language/s: Filipino and English
Target Readers: Ages 5-7
ISBN: 978-971-625-370-2

When Amang Bathala created the world and everything in it, he wanted the mountains to be triangular, the oceans oblong, and the rivers and streams rectangular. It was Diwata Nayades’, together with her helpers, Duwende Diling and Nuno Kagat, task to create the rectangular rivers and streams. Will Duwende Diling and Nuno Kagat obey the rule of creating rivers and streams? Why do they have to obey this?
Anna Liza M. Gaspar – Author
Liza grew up at the foot of a mountain and in the middle of rice fi elds, but until now she’s still afraid of caterpillars. She earned her BS Business Administration and Accountancy at the University of the Philippines Diliman. She is a CPA, but she prefers writing stories and poems for children than numbers. She was a fellow for Pasnaan, LIRA, and Cordillera Creative Writers’ Workshop. She was LIRA’s treasurer and she’s the current treasurer of GUMIL Filipinas. Her stories and poems for children have been published in Liwayway and Bannawag. “The Legend of the Cagayan River” is her second children’s book.
Glendford Lumbao – Illustrator
Glendford Lumbao is a Philippine-based freelance illustrator, designer, and photographer who graduated from the College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines – Diliman. His art subjects—both in illustration and in photography—are usually nature, indigenous people, and candid moments. He also loves to do volunteer work during his free time such as mural painting or teaching in art workshops for kids in rural areas.


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