Children’s Book – Fish Be with You 8+


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Author: Fiel John Meria
Language: English
Target Readers: Ages 8+
ISBN: 978-971-625-399-3

Keeping aquarium fi sh can be one of the most colorful, fulfi lling and rewarding experiences you could ever have. When you know what to do, the aquarium hobby becomes simple and will have the awesome benefi t of having the ocean at home! Learn all the basics of keeping aquarium fi sh, including:
• Finding the right aquarium for you, the equipment you’ll need and how to set them up
• Picking the right fi sh among 30 unique species of freshwater and saltwater fi sh with individual pictures and descriptions
• Decorating your aquarium with plants, rocks, wood and others
Many people, including the author of this book, started keeping aquarium fi sh as a kid and now you can, too!
Fiel John Meria -Author
Fiel John Meria is a man who is happily married to Julz. As of this book’s writing, he is about to be a dad in just a few months. He started to keep aquaria at about the age of 9 and has never quite stopped. He also kept and bred other animals including hedgehogs and rabbits. He is the Director of PROJECT POND (Project People Overcoming Neurodevelopmental Di culties) where he life coaches and travels with people who have Attention-Defi cit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Specifi c Learning Disabilities. He and his wife are both diagnosed with ADHD and dedicates themselves to sharing the love of Jesus to families who have children and members with special needs.


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