Beso Vida Mobi Foldable Bottle Container (Orange/Blue) 240 ML


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-Best for breastmilk
-Collapsible and stackable
-Color matching
-Medical-grade silicone, a natural and non-toxic material.
-Ergonomic design.
-Bottom of the container is easily reachable for cleaning as it is collapsible.
-Flexible in size and saves space.
-Stackable and portable.
-Multi-purpose container. Best for milk pureed food and juices.
-Heat Resistant and freezer-safe; withstand -30 to 200’C.
-When collapsed, amount of fluid is 4 oz (up until the end of the vertical marker line); while expanded, up to 8oz.
-Convertible to other kinds of products with the use of Beso Vida accessories (i.e. convert to a sippy cup when the child has already weaned)

Make sure parts have undergone proper sterilization process before using.
The product has natural wear and tear depending on the use of the product.
Please use it under adult supervision.
One of the properties of silicone is that it is a good insulator, so please pay special attention to the fluid inside to avoid burning.


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