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Upgraded Babybee UV Sterilizer with dual lamp is capable to prevent and to get rid of up to 99.99% of all possible germs and bacteria, with different functions it will help to neutralize the microorganism. Each unit is equipped with Philips UV light to sterilized and dry items with a life span of 2 years. Through UV, Babybee is able to create a controlled drying and sterilizing temperature, for safe and proper elimination of germs and bacteria; it is also to ensure items being dried and sterilized will not be overheated.

High Polish UV cabinet, High class stainless steel reflection plate and mirror-tinted tempered glass door.

If the UV standby for 1 minute the unit will shut down.

For Auto, Drying & Storage cycle once you open accidentally or intentional the door will sterilize for 1 minute.

• Certified by SGS Clinically proven the effectivity to kill germs and bacterias.
• Can kill 99.9% of germs and bacterias
• Strongest UV light wide range rays
• There’s a purifier features that can remove/eliminate the nasty airborne particles.
• 24 hour safety storage
• 80° C Maximum Temperature
• The Dual lamp are in parallel circuit. (If a lamp breaks or a component is disconnected from one parallel wire, the components on different branches keep working).
• No secondary pollution or contamination
• Multipurpose UV Sterilizer
• LED door sensor
• Touch Screen; User friendly

After the Auto, Drying & Sterilize cycle it will stay for 2 minutes for Purifier features before proceed to storage function.

Purifier features – remove/eliminate the nasty airborne particles like:
• Smell
• Odor
• Smoke
• Fumes
• Even harmful chemicals
• Eliminate also a unique odor of UV sterilization.

Storage Function:
– 24 hours countdown
– Open UV light for 1 min.


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